• What is MiceHunt? MiceHunt is the place to go for scavenger hunts at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. It was created by fans of Disneyland and scavenger hunts, so any group of friends can hold a scavenger hunt at Disneyland without having to exclude the person who put the scavenger hunt item list together, which is typically the case with scavenger hunts. Anyone can join, and the site is completely free to use. You are responsible for any costs associated with data use when accessing this website and with any costs associated with visiting Disneyland.
  • How to Play The following instructions are here to help you get started. If you would prefer to just try out the site on your own or make up your own rules as you go, that is definitely up to you. The only real rule is to have fun!

    1. Create an account on MiceHunt.
    2. Add a friend by tapping the green "Add Friend" button in the Friends box. Type in your friend's team name or email address and tap the "Add Friend!" button. (Repeat for each friend.)
    3. Create or join a MiceHunt.
      1. Create a MiceHunt
        • Click the blue "+Create" button on the top-right of the main menu.
        • When creating a MiceHunt, be sure to choose the options that will work best for your group.
      2. Join a MiceHunt (If none of your friends have created a MiceHunt, you will not have the option to join one.)
        • Tap the green "Join Friend's MiceHunt" button on the main menu.
        • If more than one friend has created a MiceHunt, choose the one you want to join.
    4. If you want to form teams of multiple people, you can sign into multiple devices using the same account.
    5. Confirm or decide on any rules, including where to meet up after the MiceHunt. If any friends don't have a smart device capable of taking and uploading photos, they should take a "Starter Photo" settings if your friends decide that would be needed.
    6. If a start time has been set, wait for the time, otherwise tap the Start MiceHunt button. If everyone is ready before a scheduled start time, the leader can start the MiceHunt early. You will not be able to see the list of items until your MiceHunt starts. If you or any of your friends don't have smart devices, printable copies of the list can be made available by turning on the "Allow Printing" option when the MiceHunt is created. Leaders are on the honor system not to cheat if this is turned on.
    7. Go to your MiceHunt, or wait for the page to refresh automatically if you are watching the timer, then start collecting items from the list! (Depending on the type of items selected by the leader, you can be expected to take photos or answer questions.)
    8. If you set an "End" time, no more items can be submitted once it is reached! (The leader has the ability to end the MiceHunt early if everyone finishes before the scheduled end time.)
    9. Go to the meet-up location for the end of the MiceHunt, and the leader will verify the items found by each player/team. (There will be a "Verify Found Items!" button on the leader's hunt details screen.) Items CANNOT BE ADDED during item verification. If a team or player does not mark an item as found before the end of the MiceHunt, it will not count toward the final score.
    10. Tap the "Show Winners and Rankings!" button to see the results of the MiceHunt! (You can decide if you want to give out prizes to the winners.) If multiple teams have collected all items, or tie after the items are all verified by the leader, the team who entered their LAST item first will be the winner!

    Note: Nobody can access the list of items until the MiceHunt has started. The "When," "Where," "What" and "How" settings CANNOT be changed after a MiceHunt has been created.

    When the MiceHunt starts, all players will have access to identical lists of items. The items will be RANDOMLY selected from the hundreds of items in the MiceHunt database, based on the options selected by the leader.
  • About MiceHunt.comThis site is designed to be used on a smartphone, or any other cellular device with a web browser, while you are at the Disneyland Resort in California. You can play by yourself or with as many friends as you like. This is a free service that's here for entertainment purposes only. We are in no way related to or affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.

    Play MiceHunt at: 1313 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

    Special thanks to cubiq.com for the groundwork on the spinning wheels used on the New MiceHunt date selection on iOS and Android devices, iWebKit for the iPhone friendly layout help, Tom Ellis http://www.webmuse.co.uk for the jCountdown 1.4.3 jQuery Plugin, Tournas Dimitrios for the infinite scrolling on the MiceHunt item lists, http://malsup.com/jquery/block/ for the wonderful jQuery blockUI plugin, Goker Cebeci for the magical canvas resizing code that makes it where people can take and upload photos on their MiceHunts without having to send the full-size images, saving bandwidth and time. And thanks to AddThis for making it easy to add some social networking to our site. Thanks also to Dynamic Drive for making favicon.ico files easy to make: Favicon maker- Create a favicon from any image

    All names and images of characters and locations are copyrights and/or trademarks of the Walt Disney Company or their respective companies. All photos and art (other than the icons and corporate logos of social networking sites and advertisements) used on MiceHunt are original photos and art that were taken and created specifically for MiceHunt. We hold the copyright for those items and do not allow anyone to share or post our photos/art as their own.

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    And to Amanda and Kim, this site wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the two of you.
  • Device CompatibilityWe have been developing primarily on and for iPhones and iPads, but we have tested things out and it seems to work on modern Android phones and tablets.

    We hope that any device that can access a cellular data network will be able to work in the Disneyland Resort. We have noticed some design oddities with Windows phones, but the site still seems to function correclty. Let us know if it does not! Please keep in mind that this website, much like Disneyland itself, is a constant work in progress.

    If you want to use the site on a computer, we recommend using Google Chrome or Apple Safari for the best compatibility with this site (we rely on WebKit for most of the design, and Internet Explorer and Firefox haven't fully gotten onboard yet).

    If you notice any glitches, please let us know by sending an email to support@micehunt.com. Please tell us if you receive any error messages, and don't forget to mention which device you are using. Thanks!!

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    You can turn on Cookies and Javascript using these steps:
    iPhone users: Go to Settings > Safari > Then make sure Javascript is switched to On and Accept Cookies is marked as From Visited.
    Android users: Go to Browser > menu > more > settings > Check the boxes next to Enable Javascript and Accept Cookies.
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  • Suggestion Policy Any scavenger hunt suggestions you send to us become the property of MiceHunt.